Saturday, May 23, 2009

I watched this movie again today, some movies I don't mind watching over and again:)
Today is Memorial Day weekend, most of the kids canceled their lesson to have a short vacation, I only taught 8 kids instead of the normal 13 of them, which is kind of a treat for me too. Today I saw a Jacaranda tree blooming and thought to myself, well what an odd time to bloom and did not realize at all that we are well in spring!
I have been trying to scramble a recital together, but it is not so easy. I just realize that it is hard to be creative when you teach a lot, because, well, teaching takes a lot of energy away from you that could have been used into playing...I thought with what I used to be able to do, a recital is just a piece of cake, but now it seems like years away from deciplined practicing really hurts!
Now it is very desirable for me to get back my creativity and technique, it is something that came so naturally to me when I was younger and I did not realize how wonderful it was to have those abilities.

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