Sunday, June 14, 2009

had pho for dinner tonight. Taking care of a little dog is a lot of work, two long walks a day, feeding, bathing, daily face wash and teeth brush, keeping shots update, vet visit, and blah blah blah, that I didn't know before and so I've been eating out more often than I liked because that's the fastest. I realize that I don't pour my entire brain cell into what to have for breakfast lunch and dinner so tonight I'm going to make myself cook some stuff and pack them into little lunch boxes, that way at least I will eat some vegetable.
Some days it seems like all I can do is trying to keep up with all that's suppose to be done. Teaching, practicing, cleaning up the house, trying to make it to the gym, and before I knew it, I haven't had any fruit for two months.

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seventeen said...

That Pho place looks good where is it?