Thursday, June 11, 2009

puppy is sick today and the worst part? It's diarrhea! I have Thursday off usually and planned a relaxing day with a hair cut in the morning and some productive practicing, but, instead I was up at 5am walking the dog, and then cleaned, not one, not two, not three, but eight times, eight whole times of dog poop:,,,(, yep, you heard me right, that was eight times! Twice on my carpet, once outside, and the rest on the tiles of kitchen floor. I rushed to the vet this afternoon and got some special diet and pills that's suppose to make her feel better. Again, vet visit was unpleasant because Kelly didn't like to be in the same waiting room with other dogs. Now, I'm tired, and no, I have not used my kitchen ever since...


seventeen said...

I'd recommend

Innova, or Evo


Karma "which is the more expensive but is organic"

The stuff the vet will give you is CRAP only give it to her while she's sick "seriously it's CRAP." Never by your foods at petco, petsmart, or the grocery store. If you must whole foods has a brand called wellness which isn't to bad. Go to Centinela pet and feed

there are several in the city, they carry most of the healthy pet foods.

If you really want to do things right go to Pets Naturally in Sherman Oaks

The woman that works there has a wealth of knowledge on how to properly feed and care for small dogs like yours. She also only sells foods that has nothing bad in them for your dog.

Believe it or not typical grocery store dog foods contain 5D meats which contain recycled dead animals in them "including dead and rotting animals."

"5D" meat that didn't make the cut for the human market, which means it came from livestock that was drugged, diseased, disabled, dying, or already dead when it arrived at the slaughterhouse."

Hope this helps you in your doggy care.

seventeen said...

By feeding her foods like

Science Diet, Kibbles, Iams, Purina and so on your essentially poisoning your puppy slowly her whole life till she will develop some sort of problem in her old age. "most of the time fatty tumors" Stick with those two stores I mentioned and you will be safe.