Monday, October 5, 2009

*update!* Exchanged my Nikon D90 with Canon 50D, eh, it almost drove me nuts this whole week trying to take pictures with the nikon and it came out either too dark or too bright or too orangy, had to adjust for every single picture, and this morning it plainly just refused to work at all. So, a trip back to Samy's and paid almost $300 extra and finally got the Canon. It makes me nervous to buy something this expensive that's purely for recreational purpose, but now I finally have a good camera. There was so much traffic and smog on my way back home today and LA seemed like a dirty run down place. I probably don't see the beauty in anything when I am stressed out, was scared by camera sales people, almost got into a car accident, had a dog with me who tried to jump out of the window and was almost late for teaching!

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